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FB Video Ads Mastery Reviews

FB Video Ads Mastery Review

Welcome to our FB Video Ads Mastery Review. If you are looking for a real review, obviously you are in the right place. Attention ! Don’t Buy before reading our full FB Video Ads Mastery Review. Our  Team always give you a solid crystal clear points of the Item you searching for before purchasing. So learn the real truth about FB Video Ads Mastery in my honest FB Video Ads Mastery Review.

Hello There, It’s KKirkeby Here. On behalf of Downloadsshoppenreviews.com, I’m presenting you today a review of a newly launched product on the marketplace called FB Video Ads Mastery by Mario Brown!


FB Video Ads Mastery

Name: FB Video Ads Mastery Reiewed by: Kjeld Kirkeby

Description: FB Video Ads Mastery is Mario Brown’s latest and pragmatic over the shoulder video training about Facebook video advertising. He demonstrates 3 in-depth case studies showing you everything from start to finish with real results.


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FB Video Ads Mastery is Mario Brown’s latest and pragmatic over the shoulder video training about Facebook video advertising. He demonstrates 3 in-depth case studies showing you everything from start to finish with real results.

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  • Creator: Mario Brown
  • Product: FB Video Ads Mastery
  • Release Date: 2017-Jun-28
  • Release Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $27
  • Sales Page: Click here
  • Niche: General

Bonus from me (YES)

Bonus Upgrades From Me (YES)


FB Video Ads Mastery is a new training by Mario Brown. I always like Mario’s stuff, and he’s a nice guy too, but it is only fair to go through the product if I am to ethically promote it. So, let’s get to it.

FB Video Ads Mastery is about surprise, Facebook video ads which Mario uses to build his list and promote affiliate offers in the IM niche.

Video ads have been hot for a while as they are a cheap way to build a very targeted audience for pennies. Mario has been doing them for a while and is successful with them. He does, of course, have experience, which will make his results better than most, but he has earned that.

Inside the member’s area, there are several real case studies that Mario has done to make bank promoting affiliate offers on Facebook with video ads.

Mario also covers landing pages, and how to do your research to ensure you attract the right audience.

One of the most important modules to me is the pixel module. He does, though, show you how to do it on Lead Pages so if you do not have that, you may need to ask for help. One thing that was a little odd, was that Mario did not record the video on editing the pixel to assign values to it but it as well was done.

Mario teaches the ads manager well and if you are a beginner then this will be a wonderful course.

If you are advanced with FB ads or do not do or wish to try affiliate marketing, then maybe this is not suitable.

check out this demo of the video


What is FB Video Ads Mastery?

FB Video Ads Mastery is Mario Brown’s latest and pragmatic over the shoulder video training about Facebook video advertising. He demonstrates 3 in-depth case studies showing you everything from start to finish with real results.

The case studies (all in the IM niche) include:

  1. A lead generation campaign to get new hot leads in the IM niche.
  2. A very recent affiliate promo campaign for Viddyoze Live Action.
  3. The exact campaign to attract new affiliates to promote FB Video Ads Mastery.

Hence, recent campaigns about what’s working now with respect to Video Advertising on Facebook.

Ins the first 4 modules, Mario shows the overview, the what and why of his campaigns, and the actual results of his case studies.

So, you’ll get a good understanding first what’s he doing and why.

The remaining 4 modules go into much detail about the how to setup the video ad campaigns in easy to follow over the shoulder videos.

He will teach you everything you need to prepare, setup and run your Facebook video ad campaigns for the best results.

As part of the course, you will discover how to use retargeting and setup your landing pages properly to boost your ROI and to keep your Facebook account safe.

As icing on the cake, you’ll get some extra bonuses (see breakdown below) and you can attend 2 live case study webinars where he’ll show you:

  1. How to get paid 100% commission and guaranteed approval as an affiliate.
  2. How to build your own List fast.

Here is the breakdown of the course:

Video Ads Mastery Content Breakdown


  • Module #1 System Overview and PROOF.
  • Module #2 Case Study 1 Lead Generation & Listbuilding.
  • Module #3 Case Study 2 Promoting Affiliate Offers. The real example of Mario promoting Viddyoze Live Action.
  • Module #4 Case Study 3 Attracting Affiliates to your products. What did Mario to get affiliates on board to promote this video course via FB video advertising?
  • Module #5 Creating your Landing Pages. Mario uses ClickFunnels and LeadPages (but you can use any Page Builder you want).
  • Module #6 The Ads Manager. Creating your ad, Targeting & Audiences, Placement, Budget & Scheduling, Creating Video Captions.
  • Module #7 Audiences & Campaign Objectives. Custom Audiences, Lookalike Audiences, Video Audiences, Objectives as Website Traffic, Engagement, etc.
  • Module #8 Facebook Pixel. Setup, Assign, Testing.
  • Module #9 Keep Your Account Safe. How to avoid that your FB account will be banned/closed.
  • Bonuses: Video Creation Workshop, Interests Swipe File, Interest Targeting Workshop (Molly Pitman – DigitalMarketer), Digital Product Pro (Course by Mario how to create/market digital products).

Mario is a great pragmatic teacher, but he is also very inspirational and stimulates you to take “Massive Imperfect Action” (his motto).

All his modules are easy to follow and all videos are short (between 2 and 11 minutes).

Who can benefit from this course?

All case studies are real campaigns with real results in the IM niche.

So, if you are a vendor or affiliate in the IM niche, this is a must follow the course.

You’ll learn how to build your list, and set up campaigns to promote affiliate offers (or your own products) “in the make money online” niche… without being banned by Facebook!

You won’t need a huge advertising budget and can start small with $5.00 per day and set campaigns.

And most importantly, you’ll see results if you follow his steps.

Especially the way he is setting up his landing pages and re-targeting pixels for affiliate products is very interesting. (This “secret” info alone is worth our investment)

If you are operating outside the IM niche, you still can benefit from this course. But if you are looking for an advanced Interests & Targeting course (that you can use in any niche), this is not the course for you.

Are there any shortcomings?

I bought the course myself and watched all the videos. The member’s area is professional and the course structure is easy to follow.

This course isn’t a getting rich quick course. It’s a thorough and in-depth “over-the-shoulder” training course. But you have to take action yourself.

Everything is explained and easy to follow. But to be successful you need the right mindset and willpower to succeed, and spend money and time with testing and tweaking your campaigns.

As explained above, this course uses case studies in the IM niche. If you are selling eCommerce products and are looking for a training about advanced targeting, this is not the course for you.

So overall, no shortcomings for me.

Why should you buy FB Video Ads Mastery?

If you really want to start with video advertising on Facebook (no matter in what niche you operate), then this is a great course to learn you all the techniques to run successful FB video ad campaigns. The course covers the complete process from start to finish. From setting up your ad, landing pages, (interests) targeting, bidding, run your ad campaign, using retargeting (placing pixels), analyzing your campaigns, and more…

By first going through this course instead of trying to learn it all yourself, this course will definitely save you time and money.

But most and for all, you can learn from an expert and you’ll get access to 3 over-the-shoulder case studies in the IM niche. You’ll discover how to get leads, attract affiliates, and how to promote as an affiliate by using FB video ads without the risks of being banned by Facebook and with pretty good ROI results (that you can’t get anywhere else).



Final verdict – Your Turn!

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