Who is this man? Dude, myth or mega marketer?

Hello, my name is Kjeld Kirkeby and I’ve been in internet marketing full-time for a little over 4 years now.

Over the years I’ve done a number of things in this industry ranging from selling digital marketing products and services to consulting with top companies regarding their marketing strategy.

Sometimes I create websites, marketing campaigns and other stuff for good people.

Sometimes I work on my own projects, websites and the multiple campaigns I run in various different niches and verticals.

Sometimes I just relax whit my lovely family and children. ?

NOTE: For those of you who don’t know, English is not my native language so I apologize in advance for any mistakes, I come from Denmark.

On this site I give 100% honest reviews of My products. From software tools and apps to training programs and courses, done for you materials and resources, there aren’t many new products that are not put through my tests. I test them so I can bring you the best unbiased advice on what to buy and what to avoid.

I give you trustworthy recommendations you can depend upon, rather than reviews created purely for profit. I am not going to recommend a shoddy product just to put a fast buck in my pocket. If I wouldn’t use it for my own business or recommend it to a good friend, then I’m not going to recommend it to you. So the next time you see a new review post made available on this site, one thing that you can be sure of is that I will NEVER recommend a product that I don’t honestly believe is a solid investment.

Now in the interest of being 100% transparent, I will fully admit…

When I review a product, and put a big “APPROVED” button underneath the review, that IS an affiliate link. And the commissions I earn are what compensates me for the time I spend reviewing My products. I put in a lot of time and effort to test these products so it makes sense to recommend the best products to you using my affiliate links. I save you tons of time and money in exchange for a commission. I think that’s a pretty fair trade.

If you’re tired of all the hype in My world, and want to get honest product reviews to help you make informed purchase decisions, then Bookmark this site, subscribe to my mailing list and NEVER get scammed again.

If you enjoy the content and reviews here on

Also feel free to send me any feedback, comments or suggestions about the site and you can also use the reply below all reviews l make.

I always look forward to reading your emails, even especially on the days I am swamped with work.

Human contact, even through email, is what keeps me somewhat sane, so please don’t be shy ?

To your success,

Kjeld Kirkeby







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